Getting started with DataTable

To make a great app you need to learn different things but if you're new to DataTable you might be wondering where to begin.

Some platforms (Java, .Net, PHP) get ready-to-use solutions for data loading, saving, exporting.

For understanding the basic concepts and getting the desired information in the most convenient way we offer you to follow this road map:

  1. Tutorial - gives essential notes you should know to create the first DataTable-based application.
  2. Detailed guidelines - the main chapter of the documentation covering the developer-oriented tasks in details.
    • Configuration - explains how to configure a table: to specify and size required columns, set headers(footers) for them, populate the table with data and etc.
    • Look and Feel - tells you how to fine-tune the appearance of your table and data in it with the help of CSS classes, templates and special modes.
    • Operations with data - covers techniques for performing general operations under data in DataTable, such as sorting, filtering, copy-pasting and selection.
    • Operations with cells - describes basic operations you surely will use while developing: getting/setting the value of a cell.
    • Integration - says which libraries and how can be integrated with DataTable.
    • Data export to PDF, Excel - shows the process of exporting data from DataTable to PDF and Excel documents.
    • Saving data on server - describes server-side work.
  3. Events handling - says how to use events: to attach and detach, which events can be handled and how.
  4. API Reference - provides reference information you need for coding: all the available methods, parameters and events of the library.
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