TreeTable CSS

TreeTable combines features of the Tree and DataTable. Hence, its CSS classes for it are inherited from both of the components.

CSS class Element
.webix_dtable the whole DataTable
.webix_ss_header the header of a DataTable
.webix_column a column of a DataTable
.webix_cell a cell of a DataTable
.webix_first the first column of a DataTable
.webix_last the last column of a DataTable
.webix_tree_folder_open an 'open' folder icon
.webix_tree_folder a 'close' folder open
.webix_tree_file a file icon
.webix_tree_open an 'opened branch' sign
.webix_tree_close a 'closed branch' sign
.webix_tree_checkbox a 'checkbox' sign (if any)

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