SpreadSheet What's New

Version 4.2

released on February 23, 2017

New Features


  • recalculate method
  • compactStyles method to remove unused styles from sheet styles
  • onBefore/AfterSheetShow (links) events instead of onSheetShow
  • autocorrection of formulas (e.g. to upper case, etc.)


  • dialogs restore previously selected values
  • clearRange() can remove editors and filters
  • preserving custom row height for wrapped cells and cells with custom height
  • add human readable CSS for preset format (like custom format)
  • add text padding not to cover it with dropdown icon
  • allow column operations without cell selection
  • remove sizes for non-existent items
  • block all actions for conditional dialog
  • block selection and editor bar
  • clear-style removes conditional format
  • color marker in color selectors
  • column autowidth is never executed
  • compatibility with IE edge
  • CONCATENATE doesn't not work with separate operands
  • default text color
  • do not move selection when edit is canceled
  • dropdown editors and editbar
  • duplicate range names
  • editor bar and selection removing
  • frozenRows and frozenColumns are shared between sheets
  • image autosize fixed
  • key navigation for live editor
  • let live editor show formulas only if users enter formula mode ( types "=")
  • live editor expects cell reference after math operator only for formulas
  • load and import from excel
  • logical operations in IF command
  • math serialization
  • multi-sheet math finalized
  • paint editor value in the related cell
  • parse sheet structure on adding row/column
  • prefill conditional format dialogs in case of multiselection
  • preserve not-affected sizes
  • preserve selection during context menu call
  • prevent from user action for sheet operations in readonly mode
  • prevent from removing all rows and all columns
  • processing hidden headers, gridlines, rows and columns per sheet
  • regression in inline image pasting
  • rowCount and columnCount are not calculated correctly
  • prevent from header column selection
  • selection area during column operations
  • serialization of empty values
  • spreadsheet reset affects only active sheet
  • style cross interference in corner cases
  • styling of top area in no-gridlines mode
  • undo for hidden columns and rows
  • unnecessary focus on dialog closing
  • update cell when live editor value changes
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