loads data to the specified branch, as direct children of the node with the ID provided

promise loadBranch(id id,function callback,string url);


ididbranch ID
callbackfunctioncallback function
urlstringdata URL


promisethe result of a request for branch data


$$("fmanager").loadBranch("branchId", null, "data.php");
$$("fmanager").loadBranch("branchId", null, "data.php").then(function(data){
    var json = data.json();

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The method returns a promise that:

  • is resolved when the data are loaded
$$("tree").loadBranch("branchId", null, "data.php").then(function(data){
    var json = data.json();
  • is rejected when a loading error occurs or if an attempt to load the same portion of data was made
$$("tree").loadBranch("branchId", null, "data.php").fail(function(){
    // your code here
// catch() is the Webix alias of fail()
$$("tree").loadBranch("branchId", null, "data.php").catch(function(){
    // your code here
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