animate defines the type of animation, with which the view is shown, if it is a Multiview cell
borderless used to hide the component borders
columnMode arranges attributes of filtering fields into columns
container an HTML container (or its ID) where the component should be initialized
css the name of the CSS class that will be applied to the view container or the object with styles
disabled indicates whether an item is enabled
fields sets an array of fields that will be used for filtering
filtering enables filtering logic
filters sets custom filters for QueryBuilder
glue sets the default rule for combining filtering rules
gravity sets the view gravity
height sets the height of the component
hidden defines whether the view will be hidden initially
id the ID of a widget
inputMaxWidth sets the maximum width of inputs
inputWidth sets the width of inputs
maxHeight sets the maximum height for the view
maxLevel sets the maximum level of nesting for filtering fields
maxWidth sets the maximum width for the view
minHeight sets the minimal height for the view
minWidth sets the minimal width for the view
on allows attaching custom handlers to inner events of the component
padding defines the space between the element borders and content (applies the specified value to all sides).
paddingX sets the right and left padding (applies the specified value to both sides)
paddingY sets the top and bottom padding (applies the specified value to both sides)
sorting enables sorting in Query Builder
type defines the layout borders
width sets the width of a widget
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