sets an array of fields that will be used for filtering dataset

array fields;


    view: "querybuilder",
    id: "querybuilder",
    fields: [
        { id:"fname",   value:"First Name",     type:"string" },
        { id:"lname",   value:"Last Name",      type:"string" },
        { id:"age",     value:"Age",            type:"number" },
        { id:"bdate",   value:"Birth Date",     type:"date" }

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Each field object contains the properties listed below:

  • id - (string,number) the id of the field;
  • value - (string) the value of the field;
  • type - (string) the type of the field. Can have the following values: string, number, date;
  • validate - (function) the validation rule for the input field.
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