Localizing File Manager

You can localize File Manager according to the peculiarities of a certain language.

The File Manager widget package includes only the en-US locale. Check our Locales repository for the language you need or create your own locale. Feel free to contribute your successful translation.

The properties that can be localized are the following:

  • names of actions ("Copy", "Paste", etc.)
  • column titles
  • date formats

Date formats

Date can be easily localized by setting one of the build-in locales.

All locales are stored in webix.i18n.locales object. By default, the library uses the "en-US" locale:


Titles localization

File Manager titles are stored in the webix.i18n.filemanager object:

webix.i18n.filemanager = {
    actions: "Actions",
    back: "Back",
    forward: "Forward",
    levelUp: "Level Up",
    name: "Name",
    size: "Size",
    type: "Type",
    date: "Date",
    copy: "Copy",
    cut: "Cut",
    paste: "Paste",
    upload: "Upload",
    remove: "Delete",
    create: "Create Folder",
    rename: "Rename",
    location: "Location",
    select: "Select Files",
    sizeLabels: ["B","KB","MB","GB"],
    iconsView: "Icons View",
    tableView: "Table View",
    hideTree: "Hide Tree",
    showTree: "Show Tree",
    collapseTree: "Collapse Tree",
    expandTree: "Expand Tree",
    saving: "Saving...",
    errorResponse: "Error: changes were not saved!",
    replaceConfirmation: "Would you like to replace existing files?",
    createConfirmation: "The folder already exists. Would you like to replace it?",
    renameConfirmation: "The file already exists. Would you like to replace it?",
    yes: "Yes",
    no: "No",
        folder: "Folder",
        doc: "Document",
        excel: "Excel",
        pdf: "PDF",
        pp: "PowerPoint",
        text: "Text File",
        video: "Video File",
        image: "Image",
        code: "Code",
        audio: "Audio",
        archive: "Archive",
        file: "File"

There are 2 ways of applying a custom locale:

1) hard-code the translated labels according to your locale in the webix.i18n.filemanager object;

2) provide translations to the desired Webix locale:

  • include translated titles into the needed Webix locale as webix.i18n.locales[localeName].filemanager object:
webix.i18n.locales['ru-RU'].filemanager = {
    name: "Имя",
    size: "Размер",
  • apply the created locale with the help of the setLocale method:

The second way is more flexible.

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