Manipulating Items

You can perform various actions with files and folders in File Manager. The actions are presented in the popup menu called "Actions". It is activated by right-clicking on a folder/file in the Tree or Files view or by clicking the Menu button on the toolbar.

However, you can also customize actions by means of redefining the corresponding methods.

Copying folders/files

To copy a folder/file, use the copyFile method:


Moving folders/files

To move a folder/file, use the moveFile method:


Deleting folders/files

To delete a folder/file, use the deleteFile method:


Renaming folders/files

To rename a folder/file, use the renameFile method:


Creating a new folder

To create a folder, use the createFolder method. You need to pass the id of the folder where you want to create a new folder and templateCreate will apply other properties automatically:


Downloading files

To download a file, you need to call the download method and pass the file id to it:"myfile");

Uploading files

To open a file upload dialog, use the uploadFile method:

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