Editing Items

Changing an item's properties

To change properties of an item, you should use the following technique:

// get item data by item id
var task = myBoard.getItem("task1");
// set new values
task.text = "Ticket 225";
task.status = "work";
task.color = "red";
// apply changes
myBoard.updateItem("task1", task);

You can read the details on the getItem and updateItem methods.

Editing via a Form

Webix Form and Board Binding

Form and Kanban Board can be bound to each other to ensure select-based synchronous changing of their data, which allows editing data on the Board:

  • select a Kanban item the data of which you want to show in Form (use setCursor method);
  • form will be filled with the item's data that you can edit;
  • form saving will send changed data back to the component.
// binding Form to Kanban data
// select an item for editing
function editItem(itemId){
// data saving
function saveData(){

Related sample:  Broken link: 63_kanban/05_php/01_loading_saving.html

You can study data binding separately.

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