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Selecting Items

You can select items within the Organogram component.

By default, selection is disabled in Organogram. To activate it you should set the select parameter to true.

Enabling selection in Organogram

orgChart = new webix.ui({
  view: "organogram",
  select: true

Related sample:  Organization Chart

Related methods

getSelectedIdmethodreturns the selected cells ids
selectmethodselects the specified item
selectAllmethodselects all items
isSelectedmethodchecks whether the specified item is selected or not
unselectmethodcancels selection of the specified item
unselectAllmethodremoves selection from all items

Related events

onAfterSelecteventfires after a cell is selected
onBeforeSelecteventfires before a cell is selected
onSelectChangeeventfires when selection is changed in DataTable
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