By default, all names and titles in Pivot are defined in English, but you can set any other language by specifying a custom locale for the page.

The Pivot widget package includes only the en-US locale. Check our Locales repository for the language you need or create your own locale. Feel free to contribute your successful translation.

The full list of Pivot labels are stored in the webix.i18n.pivot object:

webix.i18n.pivot = {
    apply: "Apply",
    bar: "Bar",
    cancel: "Cancel",
    chartType: "Chart type",
    columns: "Columns",
    count: "count",
    date: "date",
    fields: "Fields",
    filters: "Filters",
    groupBy: "Group By",
    chart: "Chart",
    line: "Line",
    logScale: "Logarithmic scale",
    max: "max",
    min: "min",
    multicombo: "multi-select",
    operationNotDefined: "Operation is not defined",
    layoutIncorrect: "pivotLayout should be an Array instance",
    pivotMessage: "Click to configure",
    popupHeader: "Pivot Settings",
    radar: "Radar",
    radarArea: "Area Radar",
    rows: "Rows",
    richselect: "select",
    settings: "Settings",
    stackedBar: "Stacked Bar",
    sum: "sum",
    text: "text",
    total: "Total",
    values: "Values",
    valuesNotDefined: "Values or Group field are not defined",
    windowTitle: "Pivot Configuration",
    windowMessage: "move fields here"

To apply a custom locale, you can follow one of the two ways:

1) hard-code the translated labels according to your locale in the webix.i18n.pivot object;

2) provide translations to the desired Webix locale:

  • include translated labels into the needed Webix locale as webix.i18n.locales[localeName].pivot:
webix.i18n.locales['ru-RU'].pivot = {
    apply: "Применить",
    cancel: "Отменить",

The second way is more flexible.

Related sample:  Localization

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