By default, all names and titles in Pivot are defined in English, but you can set any other language by specifying a custom locale for the page.

webix.i18n.pivot = {
    apply: "Apply",
    bar: "Bar",
    cancel: "Cancel",
    chartType: "Chart type",
    columns: "Columns",
    count: "count",
    date: "date",
    fields: "Fields",
    filters: "Filters",
    groupBy: "Group By",
    chart: "Chart",
    line: "Line",
    logScale: "Logarithmic scale",
    max: "max",
    min: "min",
    multicombo: "multi-select",
    operationNotDefined: "Operation is not defined",
    layoutIncorrect: "pivotLayout should be an Array instance",
    pivotMessage: "Click to configure",
    popupHeader: "Pivot Settings",
    radar: "Radar",
    radarArea: "Area Radar",
    rows: "Rows",
    richselect: "select",
    settings: "Settings",
    stackedBar: "Stacked Bar",
    sum: "sum",
    text: "text",
    total: "Total",
    values: "Values",
    valuesNotDefined: "Values or Group field are not defined",
    windowTitle: "Pivot Configuration",
    windowMessage: "move fields here"
// and then initialize Pivot and see your custom names

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