Introduction to Events

Events are the core of any web application. Why? They help to interact with users and bring interactivity to the page.
When the user makes some action on the page, an event occurs. The developer uses this event to detect the action and run the appropriate script.
In one word, events are a way to detect user actions and define how to react to them (which functions to run).

Webix events model

Webix supports a large number of cross-browser events to treat its components.

To see the events provided for a certain component, flip to API Reference chapter and click on this component. On the opened page you'll see all available events.

How to process Webix events?

To process an event (to run a special script when the event triggers on a certain page element), you need to attach an event handler to this page element.

To attach an event handler to a Webix component, you should use the attachEvent method as in:

$$("componentId").attachEvent("onItemClick", function (id){
    //handler code

The method takes 2 parameters:

  • name - (string) the event name
  • handler - (function) the handler function

For different events, handler functions take different parameters. The information about event parameters can be found on the page devoted to this event in the API Reference chapter.

Once you call the method, each time the event fires for the calling component the code specified as the second parameter will be executed.

Usage example

Let's consider a simple example: you have a list that displays your favorite films. When you click on the film you want a message box to be shown with the details of this film: the title, director and running time.

var films_set = [
  {id:1, title:"The Shawshank Redemption",director:"Frank Darabont",      time:142},
  {id:2, title:"The Godfather",           director:"Francis Ford Coppola",time:175},
  {id:3, title:"The Godfather: Part II",  director:"Francis Ford Coppola",time:200},
  {id:4, title:"Pulp Fiction",            director:"Quentin Tarantino",   time:154}
var fList = webix.ui({
fList.attachEvent("onItemClick", function(id){
    var item = this.getItem(id);
    webix.message("<b>"+item.title+"</b></br>director: "+item.director+
    ", time:"+item.time);

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