Accordion Item Configuration

The "accordionitem" view inherits from view and is an integral part of the ui-related Accordion component. You need at least two Accordion items to make a workable Accordion.

Any Accordion item must have two properties: header for heading and body for main text or some ui component.

     rows:[ // or cols
            header:"Pane 1",
            headerAlt:"Pane 2 Closed", 
            body:{ view:"form", ...} //ui component
            header:"Pane ",
            headerAlt:"Pane 2 Closed",
            body:"This is Pane 2 body", //just text
            collapsed: true


  • header - defines text heading for a panel in an expanded state;
  • headerAlt - defines text heading for a panel in a collapsed state;
  • headerHeight / headerAltHeight - defines the height of a panel in an expanded/collapsed state;
  • collapsed (false or true) - defines the panel that will be expanded/collapsed on the app's loading.

If you initialize accordion like below, you can omit initialization of accordion items:

        {header:"Pane", body:"Pane 1"},

Related sample:  Accordionitem

Accordion items can be collapsed and expanded with the help of dedicated methods:

//don't forget to specify IDs to accordionitems!

If the items of your accordion are arranged in cols, their headers are collapsed to vertical panels as you close an accordionitem.

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