Document Manager

The widget is available in the Webix Pro edition.

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Document Manager is a complex widget based on File Manager with the following features of its own:

  • extra group folders: Favorite, Shared, Recent, Trash;
  • ability to add tags to files and folders;
  • ability to search files and folders by names and tags;
  • ability to comment files;
  • ability to integrate Spreadsheet for viewing and editing Excel files;
  • ability to share access to files with other users.

The key difference is that with Document Manager you cannot work with local directories from the start. You need to add files and folders to the manager (via interface) and after that experience the whole power of the File Manager + Document Manager tandem.

As Document Manager is a blend of Webix and Webix Jet, you сan:

  • either use the widget as is with minimal settings required;
  • or deeply customize its inner behavior using JetApp, JetView and Jet Service API.


Configuring Document Manager

Discusses the main points of Document Manager initialization and configuring.

Working with Document Manager

Describes general principles of working with Document Manager.
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