Report Manager

Since 8.1

The widget requires Webix Pro edition and can be purchased as part of any license pack.

What's New

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API Reference



Report Manager is designed to simplify the process of managing reports. With this widget users can:

  • create, configure and organize reports of any complexity;
  • select from various data sources and combine them;
  • create, fine tune and save filtering queries for reports;
  • group and sort data by different fields;
  • present report data as a table, chart or heat map with an ability to configure them;
  • export reports to the Excel or CSV formats;
  • filter report data by any field.


Configuring Report Manager

Discusses the main points of Report Manager initialization and configuring.

Working with Report Manager

Describes general principles of working with data in Report Manager.

Customizing Report Manager

Describes the possibilities of deep tuning.

Report Manager User Guide

Describes the features of Report Manager from end user perspective.
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