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UI-related TreeTable inherits from view. Being a hybrid between DataTable and Tree, it shares a number of their properties and methods.


Note that you need to set {common.treetable()} template for a column that should display the tree. Otherwise, you'll get standard DataTable.

            header:"Film title", 
            template:"{common.treetable()} #value#"
    data: "..." //dataset, variable or path

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Tree table is populated with hierarchical data coming in XML and JSON data formats. IDs of the columns must coincide with data keys from the initial dataset

Working with TreeTable

Common tasks here include the following and coincide with those of the datatable and tree:

1 . Data Loading including Dynamic Loading of large datasets in portions by scrolling and branches opening.

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2 . Filtering - built-in and custom filtering in various filter modes.

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3 . Selection by cells, row and columns in multiselect and blockselect modes.

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4 . Item Editing by click or dblclick or any custom action.

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5 . Using Math in TreeTable - built-in logic for storing data as mathematical formulas as well as editing these formulas directly in TreeTable.

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6 . Data Grouping - built-in logic for presenting hierarchical data in a tree-like manner.

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7 . Data Export to Excel, PDF and PNG

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8 . Copy-Paste Operations

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