API Reference


Tree is a pure JavaScript component for building various tree hierarchies.
It's a powerful and customizable tool with lots of features: support for XML, JSON data sources, static and dynamic loading, multi tree drag-and-drop, inline editing, optional checkboxes, state saving, filtering, sorting, copying etc.

Confused where to start? Read Quick Start with Tree to kick things off.


Managing data

Teaches you how to treat data in the tree to present the desired set of items.

Nodes manipulations

Says about means you've got to manipulate with the tree branches and leaves: CRUD operations, tree state storage, etc.


Covers techniques for fine-tuning the tree appearance: use of data templates, adding checkboxes, icons, lines to items, redefining the default CSS classes, etc.


Describes the remaining procedures related to the tree but not mentioned in the chapters above: work with the clipboard, support for internal/external drag-n-drop and handling events.
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