File Manager

The widget is available in the Webix Pro edition.

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This documentation tells about new File Manager released in Webix 7.2.
Old File Manager v7.1 is discontinued. You can still use it, but these will be no updates for it in the future (except of bug fixes).


File Manager is a ready-made solution for working with a file system through a convenient web interface. With this widget you can:

  • visualize file system;
  • create, rename and move files and folders;
  • upload and download files;
  • preview and edit files in the interface (depending on file type).

The widget is a blend of Webix and Webix Jet packed into a standard Webix component, which allow you:

  • either use the widget as is with minimal settings required;
  • or deeply customize its inner behavior using JetApp, JetView and Jet Service API.


Configuring File Manager

Discusses the main points of File Manager initialization and configuring.

Working with File Manager

Describes general principles of working with data in File Manager.

Customizing File Manager

Describes the possibilities of deep tuning.

File Manager User Guide

Describes the features of File Manager from end user perspective.
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