Since 8.0

The widget requires Webix Pro edition and can be purchased as part of any license pack.

What's New

Check Scheduler What's New list to keep up with latest updates.

API Reference


This documentation is dedicated to new Scheduler released in Webix 8.0. It has its own API and functionality. Old Mobile Scheduler v7.4 is discontinued and starting from 8.0 will be no longer updated except for critical fixes.


Webix Scheduler is a modern solution for time-management and scheduling. The widget is designed to replace its predecessor - Mobile Scheduler and perfectly works on both desktop and mobile platforms. With reborn Scheduler users can create multiple calendars, add single or recurring events and reschedule them using drag-n-drop. The display modes will help to get all the events scheduled for a day, week, month, year or agenda.

Scheduler is a blend of Webix and Webix Jet packed into a standard Webix component, which allows you:

  • either use the widget as is with minimal settings required;
  • or deeply customize its inner behavior using JetApp, JetView and Jet Service API.


Configuring Scheduler

Discusses the main points of Scheduler initialization and configuring.

Working with Scheduler

Describes general principles of working with data in Scheduler.

Customizing Scheduler

Describes the possibilities of deep tuning.

Scheduler User Guide

Describes the features of Scheduler from end user perspective.
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