Scheduler User Guide

Scheduler is a modern tool for scheduling and time management. You can add single or recurring events, group them into named calendars and reschedule events using editing form or drag-n-drop. Read further to dive into the app interface and main controls.

Main screens

Visually Scheduler consists of 4 parts:

  • Topbar with navigation controls
  • Events grid
  • Left panel
  • Right panel


You can find the Topbar on the very top of Scheduler (the panel with various controls). As you can see it contains controls for navigation:

  • hamburger icon to show and hide the left side panel
  • "Create" button to create new event
  • Left and right arrows to navigate in time
  • Label that displays visible period
  • "Today" button to navigate to the current date
  • a tabbar to switch between 4 display modes: Day/Week/Month/Agenda.

Events grid

Events grid is the core of Scheduler. Here you can look through all the events in the various modes (day/week/month/agenda), get the information about their time and duration and manipulate them via editing form or using drag-n-drop.

Left panel

It is used for quick navigation and displaying event groups. It can be shown and hidden by clicking on the hamburger button in the top left corner (right on the Topbar).

It has:

  • a small calendar for changing the visible period;
  • a list of available calendars (event groups) and the button to add more calendars.

Right panel

It is designed for previewing and editing of events. It can be shown by:

  • clicking on any event: Information will be shown;
  • adding the event: Form will be shown.

When the right panel is shown, the left panel automatically hides. When the right panel closes, the left panel is shown back.

Compact mode

If you are using Scheduler on your phone or tablet it most probably has a different look like on the picture below.

Thanks to the changes in the UI Scheduler preserves its functionality:

  • You can create a new event by clicking on the round blue button with the + icon;
  • You can show the left panel by clicking the hamburger on the top left corner;
  • You can get events of a particular day by clicking the desired date on the calendar in the "Month" mode or by picking a day from the events list in the "Week" and "Agenda" modes;
  • You can view/edit event by clicking it on the list right under the calendar;


There are 2 ways to navigate through dates:

  • Using arrow controls on the Topbar
  • Selecting a date on the calendar from the left panel

Depending on the current mode clicking the left and right arrows will switch various time intervals:

  • in Day mode, you will step 1 day back and forward
  • in Week mode, you will step 1 week back and forward
  • in Month and Agenda modes, you will step 1 month back and forward

Clicking the "Today" button will return Scheduler to the current date.

Creating events

There are 2 ways to create an event:

  • by clicking on the "Create" button (it can be located either on the Toolbar in the desktop mode or a floating button in the bottom right corner in the compact mode)
  • by double click on any empty area on the Events grid

Either of the actions will open a form where you can provide information about the event. Here you can specify:

1) Name of the event;
2) Its start and end date;
3) Whether the event should last all day;
4) Whether the event should repeat;
5) Calendar the event belongs to;
6) Color of the event;
7) Notes.

See the picture below:

Creating recurring events

By default, all new events are single. You can make any event recurring by setting it with the Repeat select box. Repeat pattern can be:

  • never (single event)
  • daily
  • weekly, e.g. each Monday (depends on a week day of the origin event)
  • monthly, e.g. every 3rd week on Monday (depends on a week number of the origin event)
  • yearly, e.g. every year on 3rd Monday in April (depends on the date of the edited event)
  • every working day
  • custom

If a custom pattern is selected, a subform will appear. It allows to set:

  • frequency of repeating (e.g. every 2nd day)
  • end of repeating (by default event is repeated forever) or the number of occurrences
  • weekdays on which the event will repeat (e.g. Monday and Thursday for weekly events or just Monday monthly and yearly events)
  • the number of week (for monthly and yearly events, e.g. every 3rd [Monday])
  • the number of day (date) for monthly and yearly events (e.g. every 12th day ([of May]))
  • the month (for yearly events, e.g. every May [13])

Editing events

To edit an event you should:

1) Click on the desired event. It will open the right panel with event information;
2) Make necessary changes;

The event data will be saved instantly. When you are done, click on the "Done" button to get back to the event info. To close the right panel, click on the "Close" icon.

Editing recurring events

If you try to edit a recurring event, Scheduler will ask you whether you want to:

  • edit this occurrence. If you choose this option, the Repeat selector will not be available in the form (hence you will not be able to make this occurrence repeat)
  • edit this occurrence and all the following
  • edit all the occurrences of this event

Deleting events

You can delete any event by clicking on it and then clicking on the "Delete" button in the bottom of the information panel.

If the event is recurring, the app will suggest to:

  • delete this occurrence
  • delete this occurrence and the following
  • delete all the occurrences of this event

Creating event groups

Event groups are called Calendars. You can create such calendars and distribute events across them. To create a calendar you should:

1) Click the "Add calendar" button on the left panel;
2) Provide a name in appeared text input;
3) Press Enter or click outside the input to create a calendar.

Editing event groups

To edit a calendar you should:

1) Hover over the desired calendar and click the 3 dots icon;
2) Then choose a calendar color or click the "Settings" button to pass to other settings.
3) In the popup window make necessary changes;
4) Click the "Save" button.

Deleting event groups

To delete an event group you should:

1) Hover over the desired calendar and click the 3 dots icon;
2) Click the "Settings" button to pass to other settings.
3) Click the "Delete" button;
4) Click the "OK" button in the confirmation popup.

When you delete an event group, all its event are removed permanently.

Moving and resizing events

Drag-and-drop and resizing are possible in the Day, Week and Month modes.

In Day mode it is possible to:

  • drag events by body to shift it to another time
  • drag events by the resize handle in the bottom of the event to change its end time

In Week mode it is possible to:

  • drag event by body to shift it to another week day
  • drag events by body to shift it to another time
  • drag events by the resize handle in the bottom of the event to change its end time

For multi-day events located in the upper panel above all week days, you can only change their start and end date by dragging them by body.

In Month mode it is possible to:

  • drag events by body to move them from one day to another

In the compact mode, drag-n-drop is supported only in the Day mode.

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