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UI-related Toolbar inherits from layout. It is the place to nest all the possible controls including buttons, labels, icons, checkboxes, combos, etc. For the full list of controls please refer to the library's Controls Guide.


Toolbar controls are put into the elements array and are arranged into a horizontal line.

To distinguish between horizontal and vertical control arrangement, use cols and rows arrays respectively.

A three-button toolbar

        { view:"button", id:"LoadBut", value:"Load", width:100, align:"left" },
        { view:"button", value:"Save", width:100, align:"center" },
        { view:"button", value:"Info", width:100, align:"right" }]

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Specify the ID of a toolbar as well as ID-s of all the necessary controls if you want to work with them later.

There exists a possibility to specify common configuration for all controls included into this or that toolbar.

Working with Toolbar

Image Buttons

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Differently-sized buttons can be included into the Toolbar with the help of a custom function:

    cols: buttons(48) /*here you specify the parameter you want to 
                        pass to the function defined later*/
function buttons(size){
    return  [
    { view:"button", type:"image"+size,
        image:"../common/imgs/"+size+"/save.gif", width:size+7},
    { view:"button", type:"image"+size,
        image:"../common/imgs/"+size+"/copy.gif", width:size+7}

More info about how to manipulate button groups.

Icon Buttons

Icons can be nested into all the library components within a Toolbar. Icon buttons look definitely stylish.

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Learn more about icon types in the dedicated chapter of the manual.

Dark Theme

You can redefine the default style of Toolbar and apply the dark theme via the css:"webix_dark" configuration option within the Material or Mini skin:

Toolbar Dark Theme

    css:"webix_dark",      cols:[//buttons objects]

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