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Bullet Graph

The widget is available in the Webix Pro edition.

API Reference


The Bullet Graph widget presents a more compact version of the Gage widget. It is intended for comparing a dynamically changed value displayed by a moving horizontal bar to a static value (target) set as a vertical line and relate both to qualitative ranges of performance (e.g. poor, satisfactory, and good).

Basic Initialization

Firstly, create a new HTML file and include the related Webix code files in it.

Required code files are:

  • webix.css
  • webix.js

A basic HTML page with the included code files

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
   <title>Bullet Graph</title>
   <script src="../codebase/webix.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>
   <link rel="stylesheet" href="../codebase/webix.css" type="text/css" charset="utf-8">
        // here you will place your JavaScript code
</script> </body> </html>

Now you can move on to the widget's initialization. A basic configuration for Bullet Graph initialization is given below:

        { value:120, color:"#b4e5fb"},
        { value:80, color:"#55c2f3"},
        { value:60, color:"#1997dc"},
    label:"2015 YTD", 
    placeholder:"expected #value#", 
    stroke: 8, 
    scale: { 

Related sample:  Bullet Graph

Main properties

  • value - (number) the initial value of Bullet Graph. It should be set within the range of the minRange and maxRange parameters' values or equal to one of them.
  • minRange - (number) the maximum range value of the Bullet Graph scale
  • maxRange - (number) the maximum range value of the Bullet Graph scale
  • bands - (array) the set of value and color values for ranges of performance used in the widget. The default set is as follows:
        { value:100, color:"#5be5d6"},
        { value:80, color:"#fff07e" },
        { value:60, color:"#fd8b8c" } 
  • label - (string) the text label of the widget
  • placeholder - (string) additional description for the widget's label or value
  • marker - (number|false) defines the position of the marker of the target value, false by default
  • stroke (number) - the width of the bullet graph bar. The default value is 8
  • scale (object) - defines the size of the bullet graph scale. The default value is scale:{step:10}

The full list of available configuration properties is given in the Bullet Graph API.

Adjusting Animation Speed

You can easily change the default animation speed which is 3000 ms. For this purpose you need to use the property flowTime:

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