Available only in PRO Edition

PDF Viewer

Since 3.0

The widget is available in the Webix Pro edition.

API Reference


PDFViewer is a tool for displaying the content of PDF files on the screen.

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The viewer is recommended for use with the dedicated toolbar that contains buttons for paging and zooming. Viewer and toolbar are initialized in separate layout rows:

  • the first one with the toolbar;
  • the second one with the viewer itself.

Thus, the default constructor of PDF viewer with toolbar looks as follows:

        { view:"pdfbar", id:"toolbar" },

Configuration parameters are:

  • toolbar:
    • id - (string) the id of the PDF toolbar;
  • viewer:
    • id (string) - the id of the viewer;
    • toolbar (string) - the id of the related PDF toolbar;
    • url (string) - the URL of the PDF file to browse in the viewer prefixed by "binary" keyword that refers to the loading proxy.

PDFbar Structure

Toolbar is supplied with the following fully functional controls:

  • navigation arrows (previous and next page);
  • current page label;
  • "all pages" label;
  • zoom in and out icons;
  • zoom mode selector;
  • download button.

If you need, you can use the viewer and the toolbar separately, by using their public API methods.

PDF Toolbar API Reference


sets the page to show in the viewer

  • page - (string, number) the value of the page that should be displayed in the viewer

Possible values are "prev", "next" or page number.

// or


applies a new scale value to the viewer


  • scale - (string, number) a new scale value

The possible values of the "scale" parameter coincide with the same parameter of the setScale() method.

// or


sets the current page in the toolbar


  • page - (number) the number of the page that should be displayed


sets a new value for the toolbar scale


  • scale - (string, number) a new scale value. For legal values check scale property above.
// or


sets values of toolbar controls, namely the number of pages in the document and the scale in use


  • pages - (number) the number of pages
  • scale - (string, number) the scale value


applies zooming to the viewer (in or out); it is called on a toolbar button click ("+" or "-")


  • direction - (string) the direction of zooming - "in" or "out"


applies downloading to the viewer to get its contents as PDF file


Loading Data to PDF Viewer

There are three possible ways of loading data to PDF viewer:

  • specifying the needed file directly in the viewer constructor by using the url parameter:

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  • calling the load method with the file name as a parameter
{ view:"pdfviewer", id:"pdf"},

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Binary proxy is used for loading the file, which allows getting its contents as ArrayBuffer.

  • parsing uploaded file data with the help of the parse method
    value:"Choose a PDF file to upload", 
                return false;

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Working with PDF Viewer Offline

The dependencies which are necessary for working with PDF Viewer are generally taken from Webix CDN online catalog. If you need to view and download files via PDF Viewer offline, you should complete the following steps:

webix.env.cdn = "/local_folder";

Note that specifying the path to the local CDN repository has some peculiarities:

1) in case you set the path relative to the current page, it should be specified as:

webix.env.cdn = "../../../../local_folder";

2) the absolute path to the repository should be specified as follows:

webix.env.cdn = "http://localhost/local_folder";
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