Available only in PRO Edition

UI Complex Widgets

The Webix library includes ready-made JavaScript widgets intended for solving tasks in different fields. These widgets possess an extended configuration and can be customized to fit your personal needs. They will help you with a variety of tasks: to create an interactive data report, optimize a workflow, add and manage events, handle hierarchical data or make calculations in a powerful spreadsheet.

Pivot Table

A pivot table that helps you to summarize large numeric data sets in one spot.

Pivot Chart

A pivot chart that helps you to research and analyze large quantities of data and the relationships between them.

Mobile Scheduler

An integration extension that allows you to add the mobile version of the scheduler to the app.

Kanban Board

A component that helps you to visualize and optimize your workflow.

File Manager

A component that helps you to navigate folders and files in a super handy way.


A component that allows creating various customizable tables that keep data locally.

Document Manager

A powerful component that helps you to work with documents.


A powerful widget for filtering large datasets.

User Manager

A tool for managing user access rights on a new level.


A powerfull component that allows users create group and private chats for real-time communication.
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