Getting Started

This chapter will introduce you to the basics of Webix library and help to start creating your own web apps.

You can find other helpful information in the following articles:

  • The Overview chapter will give you the full picture of the library and present main Webix concepts and features
  • The Compatibility chapter lists all supported browsers and platforms.
  • The What's New list and the Migration guide will keep you informed about new functionality and latest updates.

Webix UI Tutorials

Quick Start Guide

This tutorial gives you detailed instructions on how to make your first steps with Webix.
Webix UI Designer User Guide

This tutorial gives you detailed instructions on how to start working with the tool for UI prototyping.
Start Coding with Webix

This tutorial introduces basic principles of using the Webix library for web app development.
Creating basic app

This tutorial discusses the main points of creating a simple app with the Webix library:

Introduction to Events

This tutorial explains the essence of Webix events model and discusses the basics of event processing.

Webix DataTable Tutorial

Quick Start with Datatable

This tutorial teaches how to create a simple app containing DataTable and populate it with data.

Webix Documentation Overview

Webix Docs Guide

This chapter guides you through the contents of Webix documentation and gives a short description of each section.
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