Webix is a cross-browser, cross-device JavaScript framework for building interactive web applications using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 techniques. The library delivers over 90 fully customizable components, provides JQuery integration and can work with any server-side platform: PHP, .NET, Java, etc. Flexible layouts, unlimited extensibility, controllable look-and-feel, and intuitive API allow creating apps of any difficulty that will work equally well on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Main features

1. Rich UI
The library supplies over 90 fully customizable components such as form, tree, grid, list etc.

2. Supported data formats: XML, JSON, JsArray, CSV
You can use your favorite formats to specify data. All popular data formats are supported.

3. Intuitive JS OOP
Simple and lightweight code provides easy and understandable OOP concepts.

4. Simple integration with server side
You can integrate Webix with any server-side platform. Besides, there are ready solutions for PHP, .NET, Java.

5. Full API support
A full range of API with the detailed descriptions is available.

6. Unlimited extensibility
Webix doesn't limit you in functionality and provides abundant possibilities in extending existent components and creating new ones.

7. Support for internationalization and localization
Support for internationalization allows applications to be translated and modified into local versions for hundreds of languages.

8. Styling with standard CSS
You can use CSS in conjunction with components content to achieve the desired look-and-feel. CSS can be applied to the whole layout or to specific components, items etc.

9. Flexible layouts
Each element in the layout can be configured individually or as a part of a layout: width, height, color etc.

10. On-the-fly filtering and sorting
The library offers rich means of filtering and sorting, starting from built-in tools and ending with fully custom filtering logic.

11. Possibility to show or hide components
Any component in the layout can be hidden (shown) by the API call.

12. Integration with other frameworks and libraries
Webix provides integration with a number of popular frameworks and libraries: jQuery, AngularJS and Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone.js and MeteorJS.

13. Dynamically fetching data from the server when the component is scrolled up and down
While working with large datasets, you can load data dynamically to reduce complexity and improve performance. Polling interval and the number of loaded records are controlled.

14. Callbacks for all events: load, sorting, etc.
Numerous events let you handle any action or proceeding that can happen in the app.

15. Inline editing
All data components can be directly edited on a page, saving users from having to go to a separate page first.

16. Drag-and-drop
Users have the possibility to drag-and-drop items of the components. The library supports both external and internal drag-and-drop and allows customizing 'drag' and 'drop' operations.

17. Third-party UI integration extensions
Webix provides a set of integration extensions that allow you to add third-party tools into an application, e.g. Google, Yandex maps, NicEdit, TinyMCE text editors, Konva, Paper graphic tools, JustGage, SigmaJS charts, dhtmlxScheduler event calendar, etc.

18. Copying to/from clipboard
By common CTRL+C/CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts data can be copied to some other application for further processing or moved within one or several components.

19. Offline support
Offline support allows your apps to run and be updated offline and don't depend on the state of the network.

20. Data binding
Data binding is the technique that allows you to bind several components together and keep them in sync, i.e. when the data in some of components changes its value, the remaining components are automatically updated to reflect the change.

21. Paging for big datasets
One or several pagers can be added to the app to display data page by page. Data will not be retrieved from the server side until the related page is opened. The number of rows per page, templates for navigation controls are set up.
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