API Reference


ui.accordion a container control that presents multiple horizontal or vertical panes
ui.accordionitem a singular pane of the accordion component
ui.carousel a container widget for navigation through a set of blocks with pictorial content
ui.dashboard a gridlayout-based widget for building flexible structures of applications
ui.form a form that supports an extended set of elements
ui.headerlayout a horizontal or vertical layout with the header(s)
ui.layout a vertical or horizontal layout without the headers
ui.multiview a container control that keeps a set of views and displays one view at a time
ui.portlet a vertical or horizontal layout component that can contain other components
ui.tabview a container control with a navigation tab panel that keeps a set of views and displays one view at a time
ui.toolbar a horizontal toolbar
Data Components
ui.bullet a compact chart variation for displaying value comparison
ui.chart a tool for creating various charts
ui.datatable an editable table that can easily display huge data sets
ui.dataview a widget for displaying data in a tabular format
ui.gage a gage widget with a dial to visualize data updates
ui.grouplist a vertical list of items grouped into sections by some category
ui.list a regular list of items
ui.organogram an organizational chart
ui.property a structured table of 2 columns that presents 'name:value' pairs for a list of properties
ui.rangechart a chart for detailed displaying of data contained a frame
ui.sidebar a Tree-based widget for creating menus with hierarchical structure
ui.tree a hierarchical structure of nodes
ui.treemap a hierarchical structure of nodes
ui.treetable a control for presenting tree in a grid cell
ui.unitlist a vertical list of items united into groups according a template
Context Components
ui.context a pop-up window displayed on firing the 'contextMenu' event (mouse right-clicks)
ui.contextmenu a context menu
ui.datasuggest a dataview-based suggest control
ui.gridsuggest a datatable-based suggest control
ui.menu a menu of individually selectable items
ui.popup a static popup window
ui.sidemenu a side panel menu
ui.submenu a sub-menu
ui.suggest a suggest control
ui.tooltip a tooltip control
ui.window a movable popup window
HTML-oriented Components
ui.iframe a view with the IFRAME element inside it
ui.htmlform a control for integration with an HTML form
ui.scrollview a container with scrolls
ui.template a view with some HTML content inside
UI Controls
ui.button a clickable button
ui.checkbox a two-state check box
ui.colorpicker a control for selecting a color from a swatch palette
ui.combo an editable combo box
ui.counter a spin box, aka an up-down control
ui.daterangepicker a control that allows the user to select a date range
ui.daterangesuggest a daterange-based suggest control
ui.datepicker a control that allows the user to select a date
ui.dbllist a double list that provides rich selection possibilities
ui.fieldset a wrapper which renders an HTML fieldset
ui.forminput a wrapper which allows rendering widgets as form controls
ui.icon a static picture of an icon
ui.label a non-editable text control
ui.multicombo a multi-combo control
ui.multiselect a multi-select control
ui.multitext a multi-text control
ui.radio a radio button
ui.rangeslider a slider for selecting a range of numeric values
ui.richselect a non-editable combo box
ui.richtext a rich text editor widget for entering and editing text
ui.search a text edit field with the search icon in front
ui.segmented a holistic panel that contains multiple buttons (two or more)
ui.select a single-selection drop-down list box
ui.slider a slider for selecting numeric values
ui.switch a slider mixin of the Toggle button and Checkbox
ui.tabbar a panel that contains multiple clickable items
ui.text an one-line, editable text field with the label inside it
ui.textarea a multiline, editable text field
ui.toggle a two-state button
Specific Widgets
ui.barcode a machine-readable representation of data values
ui.calendar a single-month calendar that allows users to select dates and move to the next/previous month
ui.colorboard a color palette
ui.daterange a widget for selecting a date range
ui.excelviewer a tool for viewing Excel files
ui.geochart a datastore-based widget for displaying info about countries
ui.google-map a datastore-based widget for rendering geographical data with Google Maps
ui.hint a tool to provide users with hints on the usage of an app or a website
ui.pager page navigation controls
ui.pdfviewer a tool for viewing PDF files
ui.querybuilder a widget for building complex filters
ui.resizer a draggable border in layout
ui.spacer a bordeless empty view
ui.spreadsheet a component for creating tables with extended functionality
ui.tooltip a static text that is rendered in the absolutely positioned container
ui.video a video player component
common helpers helpers implemented in webix. and webix.ui
ajax ajax operations (data loading, server side events)
clipbuffer interface for clipboard
color color transformation helpers
csv csv serialzation and parsing
editors set of editing tools
env set of flags which describes current environment
history implements history tracking
html set of html|dom helpers
i18n internationalization, number and date formatting methods
locale localization strings
markup implements loading from html
promise interface for working with promise objects
rules validation rules
storage.cookie iterface for storing data in cookies
storage.local interface for storing data in local storage
storage.session interface for storing data in session storage
Mixins building blocks for existing and new components
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