Since 8.0

A modern solution for project management.

Gantt is a tool for project management that allows working with projects, splitting them into separate tasks, link them amid one another and keep track of their progress.


  url: "https://docs.webix.com/gantt-backend"

Where to start

adjust adjusts the component to the size of the parent HTML container
app sets the Jet App class for the widget
attachEvent attaches the handler to an inner event of the component
blockEvent temporarily blocks triggering of ALL events of the calling object
callEvent calls an inner event
clearAll clears all collections
define redefines a single configuration property (or a object with properties)
destructor destructs the calling object
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event (which was attached before by the attachEvent method)
disable disables the calling view (makes it dimmed and unclickable)
enable enables the calling view that was disabled by the 'disable' method
getChildViews returns child views of the calling component
getFormView returns master form for the input
getNode returns the main HTML container for the calling object
getParentView returns the parent view of the component
getService returns a service available for Gantt
getState returns the reactive state object of Gantt
getTopParentView returns the top parent view
hasEvent checks whether the component has the specified event handler
hide hides the view
isEnabled checks whether the view is enabled
isVisible checks whether the view is visible
mapEvent routes events from one object to another
queryView returns inner element/elements of a widget that correspond(s) to the defined parameters
reload reloads collections
resize adjusts the view to a new size
show makes the component visible
unblockEvent cancels events blocking that was enabled by the 'blockEvent' command
onAfterScroll occurs when some webix view has been scrolled
onBeforeDrag fires before a drag operation in the Gantt chart is started
onBeforeDrop fires before a drop operation in the Gantt chart
onBlur fires when focus is moved out of the view
onDestruct occurs when component destroyed
onEnter fires when the Enter key has been pressed
onFocus fires when a view gets focus
onInit fires on view initialization
onLongTouch fires on holding finger in some position for a certain period of time
onSwipeX occurs on a horizontal swipe movement
onSwipeY occurs on a vertical swipe movement
onTouchEnd occurs when the touch event is ended
onTouchMove occurs during touch movement
onTouchStart fires when some webix view has been touched
onViewResize fires when the size of a view has been changed by resizer
onViewShow fires when any hidden view is shown
animate defines the type of animation, with which the view is shown, if it is a Multiview cell
baseline defines whether to display planned dates in the chart
borderless used to hide the component borders
compact toggles the compact mode of Gantt
compactWidth sets the width for the widget to switch to the compact mode
container an HTML container (or its ID) where the component should be initialized
criticalPath allows showing critical path
css the name of the CSS class or the object with styles that will be applied to the view container
disabled indicates whether an item is enabled
display defines the current view of Gantt
excludeHolidays allows including only working days in task duration
gravity sets the view gravity
height sets the height of the component
hidden defines whether the view will be hidden initially
id the ID of a widget
isHoliday checks whether a date is a holiday
links allows disabling links in Gantt
locale sets object with locale structure
markers sets visual markers for Gantt
maxHeight sets the maximum height for the view
maxWidth sets the maximum width for the view
minHeight sets the minimal height for the view
minWidth sets the minimal width for the view
on allows attaching custom handlers to inner events of the component
override used to override default classes with new ones
preciseTimeUnit used to set precision for task position and width
projects converts all tasks with children into projects
readonly toggles task editing and creation
resourceCalendars allows defining separate working calendars for resources
resources allows loading resources and working with them
resourcesDiagram allows showing resources diagram
scaleCellWidth width of a cell in a day scale
scaleEnd end date for Gantt chart
scaleStart start date for Gantt chart
scales array of scale lines for Gantt
serverUTC allows loading and saving dates in UTC format
split allows creating split tasks
treeWidth defines the width of the Gantt trees
url the URL for loading data
width sets the width of a widget
$app returns Jet App instance of the widget
$exportView returns a data collection to export
$getSize returns the current size of the component
$height the current height of the view
$scope scope for resolving event and method names
$setNode defines HTML element for the component
$setSize sets the component size
$skin the method which will be called when skin is defined
$view reference to the top HTML element of the view
$width the current width of the view
config all options from the initial component configuration
name indicates the name of the component (a read-only property)
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