Set of html|dom helpers.

addCss adds a CSS class to a DOM node
addMeta adds metadata to the page
addStyle adds a CSS rule to the page
allowSelect enables selection in the document (disabled before by the denySelect method)
create creates a new HTML element
createCss converts a set of CSS rules to an active CSS class
denySelect disables selection in the document
download downloads a file from Blob data
getSelectionRange returns start and end positions of cursor during selection
getTextSize changes the text size in an HTML node and returns the result
getValue returns the node content
index returns the node index
insertBefore inserts a new node into the specified position
locate searches a node with the specified attribute in all parents of the specified node (or from the target of the specified event) inclusively and returns the value of the first occurrence
offset returns the position of an HTML element on the page and its size
pos returns the position of the mouse pointer relative to the upper-left corner of the screen
posRelative returns the pointer position relative to the object firing the event
preventEvent stops the event processing and cancels its default action (called in some event handler)
remove removes an HTML element from DOM
removeCss removes a CSS class from a DOM node
removeStyle removes a CSS rule from the page
setSelectionRange sets selection for a node
stopEvent stops processing of an event beyond the current target (called in some event handler)
triggerEvent creates and triggers native DOM event
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