Set of editing tools.

Editors are used for components in editable state. They define an editing pattern, whether it is text input, two-value choice, date and color selection.


Editor type depends on data you'd like to edit.

For more details check Data Editors

$popup set of configuration options for popup editors
checkbox a checkbox editor for a two-value choice
color a popup editor for hex code values. Allows for picking a color from the colorboard.
combo a popup list with predefined select options.
date edits dates with the help of a popup calendar.
inline-checkbox a customizable checkbox editor
inline-text a customizable text editor
multiselect a popup list of predefined values with multiple-choice ability
password text editor for passwords
popup a popup text editor for long texts
richselect a popup list of predefined select options
select a drowdown list of predefined values based on HTML select
text a standard editor for editing text data
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