common helpers

A set of common helpers.

alert creates an alert box
animate animate some HTML area
bind binds a function to an object
clone makes a shallow copy of an object
confirm creates a confirm box
copy makes a deep copy of an object/array
delay delays the code execution for the specified number of milliseconds
dp returns the dataprocessor object
editStop closes an active editor in all Webix components
event attaches an event handler to an HTML element
eventRemove removes an event handler from an HTML element
exec executes a code string at runtime
extend merges the contents of 2 objects together into the first object
isArray checks whether the passed value is an array
isDate checks whether the passed value is a date object
isUndefined checks whether the passed value is undefined
message shows a non-modal info message box
modalbox creates a modal box
once allows to call code only once
print prints a view according to the specified settings
prompt creates a message box with an input
proto merges the contents of several objects together into the first object
protoUI merges several objects and creates a new Webix component
proxy creates a proxy object
ready event handler called just after the page has been completely parsed.
remote mapping for server side API
require includes and caches a JS/CSS module(s)
send sends an HTTP request to the server (emulates submitting a form)
single implements the singleton pattern
stringify converts object data into a string
template converts string to templating function
toCSV exports data of a data component to a CSV document
toExcel exports data of a data component to an Excel document
toFunctor converts a string to a function
toNode returns an HTML node object
toPDF exports data of a data component to a PDF file
toPNG exports data of a component to a PNG file
type defines new rendering type for the component
ui the object constructor. Creates a new instance of the specified view
uid returns a unique id
wrap 'wraps' a function around the original function
onClick fires when the user clicks on an element
onRotate occurs on screen rotating
name returns the name of the component
version returns the current version of the library
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