creates an alert box

promise alert(string|object text, [string|function type,function callback] );
textstring|objectmandatory, the box text as a string, or the box configuration object
typestring|functionoptional, the type of an alert modal box or the callback function
callbackfunctionoptional, the callback function (can be used, if the modal box type is defined as a second parameter)
promisethe Promise object


// basic initialization 
webix.alert("Test alert","alert-warning").then(function(result){
    // some action
// extended initialization
    title: "Close",
    text: "You can't close this window!",
        // some action

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The method can be used in several ways:

1. Basic form - contains several parameters: text (mandatory) and type.

webix.alert("Test alert","alert-warning");

In the basic form, the method may take the following parameters:

  • text - (string) the text in the alert (obligatory);
  • type of the modal box as a string (can be set as "alert-warning" or "alert-error"), or the callback function (optional);
  • callback - (function) the callback function (optional).

2. Extended form - contains an object with several available parameters. Non-specified parameters take default values.

    title:"Custom title",
    ok:"Custom text",
    text:"Result: yes",

In the extended form, the method takes one parameter - an object with box parameters. The parameters are:

  • title - (string) the text of the header
  • text - (string) the text of the window body
  • ok - (string) the text of the 'Ok' button
  • type - ("alert-warning" or "alert-error") the alert type: warning or error
  • css - (string) the CSS class for styling the alert box
  • container - (string,HTMLElement) the container for the alert box
  • callback - (function) the callback function (optional)

The full list of possible box parameters is given in the related article.


Since webix.alert() returns a promise, there is no need in a callback functions. However, you can add a callback if this is necessary. As a parameter, the function receives the alert result status (true).

// basic form
webix.alert("Test alert","alert-warning",function(result){
// extended form
    title: "Close",
    text: "You can't close this window!",
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