shows a non-modal info message box

string message(string|object content, [string type,number expire,id id] );
contentstring|objectmandatory, the text to show or an object with the config of a message
typestringoptional, the type of a message box: "info", "success", "debug", or "error"
expirenumberoptional, the expire interval for a message in milliseconds, 4000 by default, -1 for not hiding the message
ididoptional, the id of a message box
stringthe ID of the message box


// basic initialization
webix.message("Some message","info",-1,"message1");
// extended initialization
    text:"Form Data are Invalid",
    expire: 10000,

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Hiding a message

Message boxes can be hidden using API:

var message = webix.message("Hi!");
// or via the given message id

Global settings

webix.message also provides the following global settings that are applied to all message instances:

  • webix.message.expire (number) - expiration time in ms (4000 by default);
webix.message.expire = 2000; // messages expire in 2 seconds
  • webix.message.position (string) - manages the vertical positon of messages and order of their appearance. "top" by default.
// messages appear in the right bottom corner
webix.message.position = "bottom";

Related sample:  Message: Global Settings

The position setting takes the following values:

  • "top" - messages are added one below another in the top right corner of the screen
  • "left" - messages are added one below another in the top left corner of the screen
  • "bottom" - messages are added one above another in the bottom right corner of the screen

If you want to specify custom horizontal or vertical position use CSS.

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