animate some HTML area

void animate(HTMLElement html_element,object animation);


html_elementHTMLElementan HTML object (or id) which will be animated
animationobjectconfiguration of animation


webix.animate("some_div", { type: "flip" });


The method is not intended for direct calls. It is called by Multiview or some other components when necessary.


  • type - {string} flip, slide, flipback, fade, show
  • direction - {string} right, left, top, bottom
  • subtype - {string} out, in (for slide), horizontal, vertical (for flip)
  • x - {number} slide value for X
  • y - {number} slide value for Y
  • duration - {number} transition duration in ms
  • delay - {number} delay before animation in ms
  • timing - {string} transition timing function
  • callback - {function} code to call after animation end
  • master - {object} object, which will be accessible by "this" in the callback method
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