a checkbox editor for a two-value choice

string checkbox;


//for a datatable column
{ id:"ch1", editor:"checkbox", template:"{common.checkbox()}", width:40}

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Customizing Value Display

Checkbox editor can be customized to show predefined values for each of checkbox states.

The component shows On/Off values, but as you click on the item a checkbox appears and you can check/uncheck it. When editing is finished, the cell value turns into "On"/"Off" text depending on the checkbox state.

bool_set = {  
    "undefined":"Off" //initial checkbox state
{header:"", options:bool_set, template:"{common.checkbox()}", 
        editor:"checkbox", width:40}

Option for a checkbox can be set in a variable beforehand (as shown above) or inside the component constructor.

Customizing Return Values

You can redefine the states of the checkbox and set other values for default true and false

{ id:"ch1", checkValue:'on', uncheckValue:'off', template:"{common.checkbox()}"}
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