array of scale lines for Gantt

array scales;


  view: "gantt",
  scales: [
      unit: "month",
      step: 1,
      format: function(date) {
        return webix.Date.dateToStr("%F, %Y")(date);
    { unit: "day", step: 1, format: "d" }
  url: "",


Array of scale lines where each scale object has the following fields:

  • unit (string) - scale unit ("hour", "day", "week", "quarter", "month", "year");
  • step (number) - number of units per cell;
  • format (string, function) - scale cell format. If it's used as a function it should return a formatted date. If defined as a string it should be a date format like "%Y-%F-%d".

If the it is not defined it will take the default value - one line for days: [{ unit: "day", step: 1, format: "d" }].

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