sets visual markers for Gantt

array| boolean markers;


  view: "gantt",
  url: ""
  markers: [
      text: "Project Start",
      start_date: startProject,
      css: "start_marker",
      text: "Project End",
      start_date: endProject,
      css: "green_marker",

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markers is an array, where each element is a marker object with the following fields:

  • text (string) - marker text;
  • css (string) - CSS class name;
  • start_date (object) - marker time;
  • now (boolean) - used instead of start_date option to set the current time.

By default, now marker is shown without text:

  view: "gantt",
  markers: [
     { css: "webix_gantt_today_marker", now: true }

You can disable markers by setting the property to false.

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