Dynamic Loading

Dynamic loading means loading data on request, from the server. For example, a PHP script could supply data dynamically to a Webix component.

Dynamic loading is useful for long datasets since data populates the component in smaller portions. Initially data fills the view to some extent and later on it is dynamically loaded each time you scroll up and down the view or switch among pages.

For linear structures (used in the majority of Webix data components) you can control the process by specifying:

  • the item position to start loading with;
  • how many data items should be loaded each time the user scrolls/pages the element.

Read more at Dynamic Loading for Plain Structures.

For hierarchical structures like Tree and TreeTable you can specify the node ID for which you need to load child data. Read more at Dynamic Loading for Hierarchical Data Structures.

Note that dynamic loading works only if the functionality is supported by the server.

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