Checkboxes in Tree

In this chapter we will talk about checkboxes in tree nodes: how to add, customize them or provide the 3-state behavior.

Adding Checkboxes to Nodes

Tree provides a predefined template for checkboxes, which is - {common.checkbox()}
(read more about templates in chapter Node Templates).

So, to add checkboxes to tree nodes, you should specify the template property like this:

Adding checkboxes to tree nodes

    template:"{common.icon()} {common.checkbox()} {common.folder()} #value#"

{common.icon()} template adds '+'/'-' icons to the nodes, {common.folder()} - adds folder icons.

A data item object can have an additional property called checked (boolean). It defines whether the checkbox for the corresponding item will be initially checked.

var data = [
    { id:"1", open:true, value:"The Shawshank Redemption", checked:true, data:[
        { id:"1.1", value:"Part 1" },
        { id:"1.2", value:"Part 2" },
        { id:"1.3", value:"Part 3" }

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3-state Checkboxes

In addition to the standard 2-state behavior, Webix Tree supports 3-state checkboxes.

Table 1 Types of checkbox behavior
Behavior Description
2-state (standard)
  • When the user checks/unchecks a parent node, only this node is checked/unchecked
  • When the user checks/unchecks a child node, only this node is checked/unchecked
  • When the user checks/unchecks a parent node, this parent node and all its child nodes (of each nesting level) are checked/unchecked
  • When the user checks/unchecks a child node, this only node is checked/unchecked

To provide 3-state behavior for tree checkboxes you should set the threeState property to true:

Activating 3-state behavior for checkboxes

var tree = webix.ui({
    template:"{common.icon()} {common.checkbox()} {common.folder()} #value#",
    threeState: true

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Manipulations with Checkboxes

Checkboxes can be checked and unchecked with special API methods. It is possible to get checked items and define whether the item is currently checked or not.

  • checkItem(id) / uncheckItem(id) - checks/unchecks tree node with the specified ID;
  • getChecked() - returns an array of IDs of the checked items;
  • isChecked(id) - helps find out whether the specified node is checked at the moment.

Checkboxes can be used for component refreshing only from a browser.

Generally, components are refreshed by applying the refresh() method to them, yet it can be called each time tree checkbox changes. The item with this checkbox will be refreshed:

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