Resizing Components

The component can be resized in two ways:

  • Setting new dimensions to the component itself and applying resize().
  • Setting new dimensions to the component container and applying adjust() to the component.

On-page resizing with resizer lines and responsive behavior on window resizing is discussed separately.

Resizing the Component

The component is resized by changing values of its width and height properties.

The properties can be changed in two ways:

  • with the help of the define() method:

Resize the dataview from 500px to 700px in width

dtable = new webix.ui({
    width: 500,
dtable.define("width", 700);
// or both width and height

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  • by getting directly to the component's config:

Changing dataview width and height

$$("dview").config.width = 261;
$$("dview").config.height = 700;

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Resizing the Component's Container

Container is an HTML node you place your component into.

When you resize the container size and (optionally) call the adjust() method for the component in it, the component will change its dimensions to match with the new container size.

Placing datatable in testA container

<div id="testA" style="width:500px;"></div>
grid = new webix.ui({

Container can be resized in two ways:

  • via DOM reference

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  • using webix toNode() method:
webix.toNode("testA").style.width = "700px";

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Component can be as well adjusted to the dynamically-sized container.

Resizing Several Components at a Time

If you need to resize several components lying inside one and the same parent component (like dataviews, lists, datatables inside one and the same layout with its own ID, you can redefine their dimensions, call the resize() function from the parent and pass the true parameter to it.

    view:"layout", //optional
$$("dataview1").define("width", 300);
$$("list1").define("width", 350);
$$("datatable1").define("width", 420);

For altering dimensions of the component children use the corresponding method:


Study the Sizing Components article to learn about initial component sizing.

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