Managing Visibility of Components

By default, all ui-related components except for window and popup are visible on the page after their initialization.

Show() and Hide() methods

To show and hide any component in layout you should call show() and hide() methods respectively:


The alternative to the hide() is a hidden:true parameter that is included into the component constructor. The component can be shown later with the show() method.

When manipulating visibility of components it seems useful to know whether the component is visible on the page at the moment. This can be checked with the help of isVisible() method that return true or false depending on the component's state.


Manipulating Visibility of Control Groups

At the same time the library allows grouping controls and changing their visibility in groups. It's useful when you want to define different button sets for different states of the application.

To show and hide groups of elements you make use of the batch property and associated with it showBatch() method.

Batch groups elements by one and the same value that is as well assigned to each of the needed controls.There can be as many batches as you wish depending on the quantity of the manipulated controls.

One of the batches(groups) is shown initially. It is defined by visibleBatch property.

Take following steps to use this functionality

1 . Include batch property into desired controls.

        view:"toolbar", visibleBatch:"1", // batch "1" is visible initially
            {view:"button", value:"first", batch:"batch 1", align: "left"}, //various controls
            {view:"button", batch:"batch 2", ... }, 
            {view:"button", batch:"batch 3", ... }, 
            { ....}

2 . Assign the function to change visibility of controls to a suitable control.

Here radio options coincide with batch values from the code above:

    { view:"radio", id:"rad", label: "select", click:"change_batch", options:[
        "batch 1","batch 2", "batch 3"
        ] } //changing radio buttons triggers the function execution

3 . Write the function to show the controls with the chosen batch value.

function change_batch(){
    var mode = $$("rad").getValue(); // returns "batch 1", etc..
    $$("mybar").showBatch(mode); //the value is passed into the function

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