UI.Resizearea. Common Tips

Limiting the area available for resizing

By default, the area available for resizing is the whole viewport. To limit the area, you should initialize the component in a container with style='position:relative'

<div id='mydiv' style='position:relative;width:600px; height:300px;border:1px solid;'>
    var resizeStick = new webix.ui.resizearea({

DIVs created while resizing

While moving a resizearea object, 3 DIVs are created:

Table 1 Vertical resizing
Container Description
<div class="webix_resize_area webix_dir_y"></div>
the area available for vertical resizing
<div class="webix_resize_handle_y"></div>
the movable container
<div class="webix_resize_origin_y"></div>
the initial container
Table 2 Horizontal resizing
Container Description
<div class="webix_resize_area webix_dir_x"></div>
the area available for horizontal resizing
<div class="webix_resize_handle_x"></div>
the movable container
<div class="webix_resize_origin_x"></div>
the initial container

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