fires after successful data update

void onAfterUpdate(object response,id id,object details){ ... };


responseobjectthe JSON object with details of the server side response
ididthe old ID of the related item
detailsobjectthe object which holds the state of data saving


dp.attachEvent("onAfterUpdate", function(response, id, object){
    //... some code here ... 


1 . The response parameter is a server response that can contain status (the status of the updated item) and other properties, e.g.:

  • id - old ID (clientside);
  • newid - new ID (serverside);
  • status - status of the operation ("update");
  • type - operation type ("update"). The predefined types of response are update, insert, delete, invalid and error.
  • value - saved data value.

2 . The id parameter is the item ID.

3 . The details parameter contains data saving details, e.g.:

  • data - object with the information about the action performed;
  • loader - Ajax loader object;
  • text - full text of serverside response.

The event will not fire for "error" or "invalid" responses during saving.

//for such response
{ id:"123", status:"custom" }
//the onAfterCustom event will be called
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