binds components

void bind(object target, [function rule,string format] );


targetobjectan object that binds to the calling component
rulefunctionoptional, sets the rule according which components will be bound
formatstringoptional, the format of bound data


gridb.bind(grida, function(slave, master){
        if (!master) return false;
    return ==;

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Behavior of data binding differs for different components a lot. Basically, it fills component with data based on selection in the master component.

The technique allows you to create complex data updates schemes, but you can ignore it as the same use case can be implemented through events and custom logic.

Binding rule defines a rule according to which records in the slave component are filtered. It can be defined only in case slave component is based on DataStore (all data management components except for tree-like) or TreeStore (tree and treetable).

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