returns the formatted number as a string

string format(number value,object config);


valuenumberthe number which needs formatting
configobjectan object of formatting configuration options


stringthe formatted number in the string format

The config object can contain the following attributes:

  • decimalSize - the number of decimal digits in the float number. By default, 2;
  • groupSize - the number of digits in a group. By default, 3;
  • decimalDelimiter - a char which separates the decimal part in the float number. By default, ".";
  • groupDelimiter - a char which separates groups of digits. By default, ",".
var str1 = webix.Number.format(10008.999, {
    decimalSize: 2, groupSize: 3, 
    decimalDelimiter: ".", groupDelimiter: "'"
// ->"10'009.00"
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