onAfterAdd fires after adding item to datastore
onAfterCursorChange fires after the cursor changes its position.
onAfterDelete fires after item deleting
onAfterLoad fires after data loading is complete
onAfterSort fires after sorting dataset
onBeforeAdd fires before adding item to datastore
onBeforeCursorChange fires before the cursor changes its position.
onBeforeDelete fires before item deleting
onBeforeLoad fires immediately before data loading has started
onBeforeSort fires before sorting dataset
onBindRequest fires when the component is ready to receive data from the master component
onBindUpdate fires when data is changed in the child and 'save()' is called to update the master.
onDataRequest fires when data from the server is requested for linear data structures (List, DataTable, DataView etc.) to implement dynamic data loading
onDataUpdate fires when data item is in update process
onDestruct occurs when component destroyed
onLoadError fires when an error occurs during data loading (invalid server side response)
onValidationError fires when newly loaded/added/edited data fails to pass validation
onValidationSuccess fires after the newlyloaded/added/edited data has passes validation successfully
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