Export to PNG

To export data from datatable or treetable into a PNG file, you need to call the toPNG method. The method takes the following parameters:

  • id - (string) the id of the exported view
  • name - (string) optional, the name of the created PNG file

For example, if you want to export a datatable to a PNG file, you need to initialize a datatable:

    id: "myDataTable",
    // datatable configuration

and then call the toPNG() method with the datatable id as its parameter:


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Customizing Export to PNG

You can customize the default export settings in the following way:

  • disable file download if necessary, via the download property set to false:
webix.toPNG($$("table"), {
   //process raw data
  • ignore particular columns during export via the ignore property. You need to set its value as an object with a list of columns names to ignore. For example:
webix.toPNG($$("table"), {
    ignore: { "votes":true, "rating":true }
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