Split Mode or "Frozen" Columns/Rows

The split mode allows you to have DataTable separated into two parts: the "frozen" one and the "scrollable" one.
You can freeze either columns or rows. The "frozen" part of the datatable will be fixed, while the scrollable part will remain movable.

Frozen Columns

"Frozen" columns can be on the right/left side of the datatable or on both sides at a time. The movable part can be scrolled horizontally.

To 'freeze' columns, you should use the leftSplit and rightSplit parameters correspondingly. Set the number of columns you want to freeze as their value.

Enabling the 'split' mode

    leftSplit:2, // 2 columns will be frozen on the left side
    rightSplit:2 // 2 columns will be frozen on the right side

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Frozen Rows

The functionality is available in Webix Pro only.

You can also "freeze" several rows at the top part of a datatable. All other rows that follow the fixed ones will be scrolled vertically.

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You can read more about this feature in the corresponding article.

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