Angular Controllers and Data Loading

Since Angular controllers are heart of any Angular-based application, Webix-Angular integration preserves controller functionality.

As in Angular, controller directives are included into the app as an attribute of any tag.

<html ng-app="webixApp"> <!--Angular App initialized-->
 <body ng-controller="webixTestController"> <!--Angular controller-->
  <div webix-ui view="datatable" webix-data="records" select="row"> <!--Webix App-->
    ...<!--datatable config-->

Loading data via Controller

Scope variables are accessed by standard pattern except for data loading. To populate the datatable with data from controller $scope, use webix-data directive. It is used in a div that initiates this datatable.

The code below gets $scope.records and parses them into the datatable:

<div webix-ui view="datatable" webix-data="records" > ...</div>

Filtering and sorting options can be used as well:

<input ng-model="query" ... />
<select ng-model = "orderProp">...</select>
<div webix-ui view="datatable" webix-data="records|filter:query|orderBy:orderProp"> 

Controller code

var app = angular.module('webixApp', [ "webix" ]);
app.controller("webixTestController", function($scope){
  $scope.records = [
    { id:1, title:"The Shawshank Redemption", 
        year:1994, votes:678790, rating:9.2, rank:1},
    { id:2, title:"The Godfather", year:1972, 
        votes:511495, rating:9.2, rank:2},
  $scope.addRecord = function(){
        title:"New Record",

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As you might have already noticed in the code above, all data manipulations with datatable data are done by changing scope dataset. In HTML, the addRecords() function is called by an ng-click directive:

<body ng-controller="webixTestController"> <!--Angular controller-->
  <div webix-ui view="datatable" webix-data="records" select="row"> <!--Webix App-->
    ...<!--datatable config-->
  <button ng-click="addRecord()">Add Row</button>

Datatable data will be updated the moment $scope.records is changed, which is ensured by Angular binding philosophy.

Using Component methods via Controller

To comply with Angular concept, any function you use with this or that component should be stored in the app's controller, even if it is the component's own method.

<body ng-controller="webixTestController">
    <div style="width:500px; height:200px;">
    <div webix-ui view="chart" id="mychart" webix-data="lines" 
        type="bar" value="#sales#" borderless="true"></div>
    <button ng-click="changeLine('line')">Show Line Chart</button>

ChangeLine() controller function redefines the chart by setting another type for it:

Controller Code

  $scope.lines = [
    //chart dataset
    { id:1, sales:20, year:"02"},
    { id:2, sales:55, year:"03"},
  $scope.changeLine = function(type){
    //methods are applied to the chart by its ID
    $$("mychart").define("type", type); 

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