JQuery Integration

The Webix library can work in tandem with JQuery libraries as well, which is an obvious bonus for those who are used to working with JQuery.

The sources for integration of Webix with JQuery are not included into the Webix library package. You can take them from the GitHub repository

JQuery is included by a link specified in the document head section:

<script src="../path/library_name.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script>

Working with JQuery, you can create all the components from the webix UI library. The syntax differs a little bit, however it grants you new possibilities.

Component Initialization

$('#div ID/ .CSS selector').webix_component({config});

Let it be list:

<div id="listA"></div>
    width:320, height:600,
    template:"#votes# #rank# #title#",

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Working with Components

You can get any component using the same scheme and apply functions to it.

Counting data items

$('#div ID/ .CSS selector').webix_component().count()

Advantages of JQuery Integration

1 . An HTML container for any component can be specified by its ID or CSS class used with it. With the webix library means HTML container can be defined by its ID only:

<div class='calendar_here'></div>
<div id='list_here'></div>
$("#listA").webix_calendar({config}); // div ID
$(".calendar_here").webix_calendar(); //CSS selector

2 . If you use the same CSS class for several nodes, you can create multiple instances of the same view by pointing to this CSS class during component initialization.

Two calendars will be displayed

<div class='calendar_here'></div>
<div class='calendar_here'></div>

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3 . An HTML table can be a data source for the component initialized in the same container. Each column in the table is reflected as a template item for the component:

Table row with three columns

    <td>Record #102</td>

Columns in template are called #data# and are numbered starting from 0.

List template to grab the data from the table

    template:"<div class='mark'>#data2# </div> #data0#. #data1#",

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